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Use the Task Pane

Release Date: 03-20-12

You can easily create, open, or edit a document via the task pane. By default, the task pane is displayed on the right side of the window when you start Kingsoft Writer.


Figure 7.2—2 The Task window

To use the task pane:

(1) Open the task list in the top of the window and select different tasks. This will cause the contents of the task pane to change. Writer provides the New Blank Document, Clip Art, Autoshape, Format and Style, and Backup management functions.

(2) Select one fo the commands in the task pane to execute the corresponding action.

(3) Click the Close button in the top right corner of the task pane to close it.

(4) In the Show section of the View tab, select the Task Pane, or press the <Ctrl+F1> shortcut, you can display and hide the task pane.