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View Document Outline

Release Date: 03-20-12

To set the outline: go to the Document View section of the View tab, select the Outline option and choose the Outline tab. Alternatively, you can click the Outline button in the bottom left corner of the screen to start the outline view, shown as follows:

outline tab

Figure 7.1—1 The Outline tab

The functions of the commands in the Outline tab:

  • Elevated to the title 1: upgrade to Heading 1 where the cursor stops the paragraph.
  • Improved: upgrade a level where the cursor stops the paragraph, such as upgrade from heading 3 to heading 2.
  • Outline level: Displays the style level where the current cursor stops the paragraph, you can quickly adjust the paragraph style.
  • Reduce: reduce a level where the current cursor stops the paragraph.
  • Reduced to Text: reduce to the text where the cursor stops the paragraph.
  • Move: move the cursor on the paragraph above the previous paragraph.
  • Down: Move the cursor after a period of falling under paragraph square.
  • Fold/Unfold: the folds of the lower style will start in the lower style folding.
  • Display level: displays the styles, and you can set.
  • Display the first line: Choose Show the first line check box, the document content more than one line of text passages only the first lines, and end of the line displays ellipsis.
  • Display format: Choose Display format check box, this will change all the text in the document according to established format.
  • Update the directory: press the update directory button to update the documents directory.
  • Go to the directory: From the document directory press this button to jump to the designated location.
  • Close outline view: click the Close outline view, then close the outline view. This returns the page to view mode.