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Preview a document before printing

Release Date: 03-20-12

To enter print preview: go to the Document section of the View tab, and select the Print Preview option. This will take you to the print preview mode. You can also adjust the preview effect in the Print Preview tab.

(1) If you need to print, select the Print Preview tab from the Print section and click Print. This will open the following Print dialog box:


Figure 7.1—3 The Print dialog box

(2) In the Printer section, you can set the name of the printer, and check the printer status and type, among other things. In the Name drop-down list, choose the printer you want to use.

(3) Click the Properties button, open the dialog box and set the paper source and other relevant options.

(4) When finished, click the OK button to return to the Print dialog box. Click OK again to complete.