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Modify a Document

Release Date: 03-20-12

To modify a document:

(1) Open the document that you want to modify, and enter the modifying status.

(2) You can edit the document as an ordinary document. However, any changes made will be marked in the document, shown as follows:

modify text

Figure 6.2—3 Modify text using track modification

Tips: To view a modification, place the cursor in the modified section. This will open the prompt, including the name, time, and operation of the modification.

(3) In the Change and Comments section, there are four options for modifying text; Final Showing Markup, Final, Original Showing Markup, and Original. The following figure demonstrates the Original Showing Markup option which lists the process of the modifications. If you want to clearly see the effect of the revised document, select the Final Showing Markup option.

original show markup

Figure 6.2—4 The Original Showing Markup view