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Insert or Delete a Comment

Release Date: 03-20-12

Insert a comment

Comments are notes attached to specific points in a document. The inserted comments do not become part of the document until the author accepts them. If you are not satisfied with the comments you are making, you can delete them as you deem fit. To do this, follow theses steps:

(1) Place the insertion point where you want to insert the comment.

(2) Go to the Change and Comment section of the Review tab, and select Insert Comment.

(3) Enter your comment in the comment balloon.

insert comment

Figure 6.2—5 Insert comments

Delete a comment

(1) Go to the Change and Comment section of the Review tab, select the Reject Change/Delete Comment option from the Reject drop-down list.

(2) To delete all the comments, return to the Review tab, and go to the Change and Comment section. Select Delete All Comments in Document from the Reject drop-down list, shown as follows:

delete comment

Figure 6.2—6 Delete all comments in a document