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Set wrapping style for text boxes

Release Date: 03-20-12

When you establish the layout of a document, especially with newspapers and magazines, you may encounter two overlapping text boxes. This prevents the contents of either text box being displayed fully. Kingsoft Writer can easily rectify this problem, simply follow these steps:

(1) Insert two text boxes, and partly overlap them, shown as follows:

overlap text box

Figure 2.10—6 Two overlapping text boxes

(2) Select the text box that is underneath the other text box, double-click tits border. Open the Format Object dialog box and select Layout tab, shown as follows:

tight wrapping style

Figure 2.10—7 Set the Tight wrapping style

(3) In the Wrapping Style section, select Tight.

(4) Next, choose the text box on top and double click its border. Open the Format Object dialog box:

format object text box

Figure 2.10—8 The Text box tab

(5) Go to the Text Box tab, choose the Allow text to be wrapped by the external objects check box.

(6) Click the OK button to complete.