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Inserting WordArt

Release Date: 03-20-12

To insert WordArt, follow these steps:

(1) Place the insertion point where you want to insert the WordArt.

In the Insert tab, in the Text section, select the WordArt word art iconicon to open the WordArt dialog box shown as follows:

wordart gallery

Figure 2.10—11 The WordArt galley

(2) Select one of the WordArt styles, click the OK button and open the WordArt Gallery dialog box:

edit wordart text

Figure 2.10—12 The Edit WordArt text box

(3) Enter the desired contents in the Text box. Here you can also set font type, font size, boldness and whether it is italicised or not, by using the available toolbar.

(4) When satisfied, click the OK button:

wordart effect

Figure 2.10—13 WordArt effect

Once the WordArt had been inserted into the document, selecting it allows you to move or magnify it, as you would with other objects. You can also edit the WordArt using the WordArt tab.