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Insert a Text Box

Release Date: 03-20-12

The insert a text box, simply:

(1) Go to the Text section of the Insert tab, choose the Horizontal Text Box or Vertical Text Box options from the Text Box drop-down list.

(2) Click or drag the mouse to add a text box to the document.

(3) When the text box reaches the desired size, release the left mouse button. You are then free to enter the contents:


Figure 2.10—1 Insert a text box into a document

(4) Select the text box border, and appear 8 rotation, adjust the text box's rotation handle, sizing handle, and reshaping handle to decide its characteristics. 

(5) Put the cursor on the text box's border, this will cause the cursor to change into an arrow cross, hold the left mouse button and and drag the text box to move it to its new location.

To set the wrapping of the text box, place the cursor on the text box border, right-click and select Format Object from the opened shortcut menu. Choose Layout from the Format Object dialog box, as shown below:


Figure 2.10—2 The Layout tab

Choose the Square option from the Wrapping Style menu:

square wrapping style

Figure 2.10—3 The Square wrapping style