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Automatically make calculations using the Formula Field

Release Date: 03-19-12

To make automatic calculations using the Formula Field, follow these steps: 

Method 1:

(1) In the Data section of the Table Tools tab, click Formulaformula, and open the Formula dialog box:

formula dialog

Figure 2.3—27 The Formula dialog box

(2) In the Formula box, modify or enter the formula.

(3) In the Number format box, choose or customize the number format.

(4) In the Paste function drop-down list, choose the required function. The selected function will automatically paste to the Formula box.

(5) In the Table area drop-down list, choose the required area. The selected area will automatically update the corresponding parameter of the function in the Formula box.

(6) Click OK to close the dialogue box. The calculation result will then be shown in the cell.

Method 2:

(1) In the Text section of the Insert tab, click Fieldsfield icon, and open the Fields dialog box. 

(2) You can enter the corresponding formula in the Field Codes. See the following figure:


Figure 2.3—28 The Fields dialog box

(3) When finished, right-click and select the Toggle Filed Codes button to yield results.

Method 3:

(1) Place the insertion point in the cell where you want the calculation results to be displayed, then press Ctrl+F9 to insert the field markup { }.

(2) Right-click, select Edit Filed in the opened shortcut menu and enter the formula consisting of =, function, number and cell name.

(3) Right-click and select Toggle Field Codes from the drop-down menu. The formula calculation result will then be displayed.

Caution: Do not use keyboard to insert the field markup.