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Draw a Table

Release Date: 03-19-12

To draw complex tables follow these steps:

(1) Under the Insert tab, in the Tables section of that tab, choose Draw Table from the Tables drop-down list. You can also select the Table Tools tab, in the Draw Borders section, and click Draw Tabledraw a table.

(2) In the Table Tools tab, click the Line Style and Line Width list in the Draw Borders group, specify the line.

(3) Click Draw Table - the mouse pointer will change into a pen.

(4) In the editing area, drag the mouse to draw a table in the size and shape that you need.

(5) When you are satisfied, release the mouse.

(6) Using the Draw Table button, draw horizontal, vertical, or diagonal lines in the box to form a cell.

(7) After you have finished drawing your table, click Draw Table again, this will revert the mouse back to its normal shape.