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Convert Tables into Text

Release Date: 03-19-12

To use the Convert Table to Text function, follow these steps:

  • Using Convert Table to Text, you will have a fixed separator (full or half-width) of the text into table quantities, usually used to add text data to the original data table.
  • Using Convert Table to Text, choose the Convert nested tables check box. You will convert a nested table into a one-time text, usually used to copy web content into a single text.
  • Using Convert Table to Text, you can also convert data into a database table.

In the Table Tools tab, in the Data group, click Convert Table to Text and open the dialog box shown as follows:


Figure 2.3—26 The Convert Table to Text dialog box

You can also open this dialogue box by going to the Tables section of the Insert tab, and selecting either Convert Text to Table or Convert Table to Text.