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Picture Styles

Release Date: 03-19-12

Change Shape Style

To change the line style to shapes, select the Drawing Tools tab, go the Shape Styles section and select the Shape Outline drop-down menu. You can then choose your preferred line style from the Style Palette list.

line style palette list

Figure 2.5—4 The Line Style Palette list

  • To set dash style, select Dash Style from the Picture Outline drop-down menu. Choose a dashed line or dotted line from the Dash Style list menu.
  • To set the selected shapes as a straight line or an arrow, go to the Drawing Tools tab, in the Shape Style section, select Arrow Style from the Shape Outline drop-down list. You can then select one of the arrows from the Arrow Style menu.

Tips: To set the exact width of the line and arrow style, you can right-click the shape, select Format Object, and choose Set AutoShape Defaults.

Change Shape Fill

To fill in objects with different colors, patterns, textures, and other effects, follow these steps:

(1) Select the appropriate shape and go to the Drawing Tools tab.

(2) In the Shape Styles tab, select the color you like from the Shape Fill drop-down list, shown below:

shape fill list

Figure 2.5—5 The Shape Fill list

If you select No Fill from the Shape Fill list, the picture will become transparent.

You can also set Gradiant, Texture, Pattern or Picture in the Picture Fill drop-down list.

(3) Select Gradiant, open the Gradient option in the Fill Effects dialog box:


fill effect

Figure 2.5—6 The Fill Effects dialog box

(4) Choose one of effects in the Fill Effects dialog box, and click OK.

Line Color and Styles

Kingsoft Writer provides a plethora of line color and styles, to choose one simply follow these steps:

(1) Select the appropriate shape.

(2) In the Drawing Tools tab, in the Shape Styles section, choose the Shape Outline option.

(3) If want to set the line style, Writer offers Line Style Palette, Dash Style, and Arrow Style options.

(4) Alternatively, you can double click the shape, and open the dialog box shown below:

color and line tab

Figure 2.5—7 The Colors and Lines tab

(5) Make the appropriate settings and click OK.

Tips: In the Shape Style tab, select Old Tools from the bottom right to open the Format Object dialog box. You can then make the appropriate settings and click OK.