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Insert Cross-Reference

Release Date: 03-20-12

If you insert related captions to a document, you are able add links to these captions through the Cross-Reference function, the steps are as follows:

(1) When you enter the cross-reference introductory text in the document, such as “the cross-reference techniques, see chapter three ".

(2) Go to the Link section of the Insert tab and select Cross-Reference. This will open the Cross-reference dialog box:

cross reference dialog

Figure 2.7—5 The Cross-Reference dialog box

(3) In the Reference type box, select the item type that you want, such as Heading.

(4) In the Insert Reference to box, insert the necessary information, such as Paragraph text.

(5) In the For which numbered item list, select the target item, such as Select text and object.

(6) To make the reader can jump to the referenced item, please choose Insert as hyperlink check box. Otherwise, the content will be inserted into the selected item directly.

(7) Click the Insert button to add the next cross-reference:

cross reference next

Figure 2.7—6 The Cross-Reference dialog box