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Create Hyperlinks

Release Date: 03-20-12

The create a hyperlink, follow these steps:

(1) Select the appropriate text.

(2) Go to the Link section of the Insert tab and select Hyperlink. This will produce an Insert Hyperlink dialog box, shown as follows:

insert hyperlink

Figure 2.7—1 The Insert Hyperlink dialog box

(3) The Text to display box will show the content that you had selected in step 1. If it is text, you can edit it directly.

(4) Select the type of hyperlink you want in the Link to tab.

  • Select Existing File or Web Page and choose the text or web page address that you want to link to on the right.
  • Select the Location in This Document option, the title or bookmark name of the current file will appear on the right. You can then choose the file position where you want to insert the link.

select hyperlink location

Figure 2.7—2 Select hyperlink location in the document

  • Select the E-mail Address option, enter the E-mail address into the text box, and enter the E-mail subject into the Subject box, shown as follows:

hyperlink to email address

Figure 2.7—3 Hyperlink to E-mail Address

(5) Click the ScreenTip button to produce the Set Hyperlink ScreenTip dialog box. Set when the mouse pointer put over the hyperlink, the prompts will appear above.

(6) Click OK . The hyperlink will normally be blue and underlined.