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Insert Tables

Release Date: 03-19-12

Tables in Kingsoft Writer are made up of multiple rows and columns, in which you can insert items such as text, numbers, and graphics in order to help you quickly analyze them and present information more conveniently.

Insert Tables from the Toolbar

To insert a table using the Toolbar:

(1) Position the insertion point where you wish the table to be placed.

(2) In the Insert tab, in the Pages group, click the table icon icon. This will open the table drawing window shown in figure 2.2-1.

(3) Press the left mouse button and drag the cursor to draw a table to whatever dimensions you like. Kingsoft Writer automatically adjusts the number of rows and columns in the table according to the preset cell width when the width of the table border increases or decreases:

specify number of rows

Figure 2.2—1 Specify the number of rows and columns in a table

(4) Release the mouse when you are satisfied with the dimensions of your table.

Insert Tables using the Dialog Box

To insert a table using the dialog box:

(1) Position the insertion point where you wish to insert the table.

(2) In the Insert tab, in the Pages group, select Insert Table from the Table drop-down list and open the dialog box:

insert table dialog

Figure 2.2—2 The Insert Table dialog box

(3) Enter the number of rows and columns you want and choose the appropriate column width.

(4) There are two options in the Automatic sizing section:

  • Fixed column width: column width becomes an exact value that can be specified in the adjacent numerical spinner.
  • Automatic column width: means the width of the columns is the same as the width of the page.