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Insert Pictures

Release Date: 03-19-12

If the table only contains raw data and text, there is a possibility for the data to appear monotonous and unimportant. Images can be used as an incredibly useful tool to display the data, allowing users to visually become aware of the contents of the data.

Insert from File

If you have pictures on your computer which you feel would enhance the expression of the data, then you can insert these pictures into the worksheet.

On the Insert Tab, in the Illustrations group, click Picture. Then the Insert Picture dialog box will pop up. Shown as follows:


Figure 3.3—1 Insert the picture from File

Find the path for the pictures in the "File Name" search box. Then click open; the pictures will be inserted in the current worksheet.

Insert from Clip Art

If you can't find suitable pictures on your computer, you can select some from the built-in clip art. Kingsoft Spreadsheets provides abundant clip art resources for you to choose.

On the Insert Tab, in the Illustrations group, click Clip Art. Then the Clip Art task window will appear on the right side of the spreadsheet. All you have to do is double-click the one you would like and the clip art will be added into the current workbook. Shown as follows:


Figure 3.3—2 Insert the Clip Art

After inserting the pictures or clip art, the Picture Tools tab will appear after the Developer tab.

Insert from Shapes

If pictures and clip art are not enough for you to express the meaning, you can use shapes. Kingsoft Spreadsheets provides all kinds of shapes. The shapes will enrich the data.

On the Insert tab, in the Illustration group, click Shapes. Then the Shapes drop-down list will appear.


Figure 3.3—3 Shape list box

After inserting the shape you picked, the Drawing Tools tab shows up. You can perform all kinds of operations to the shape such as; modify and many more.