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Create Different Headers and Footers for Even and Odd Pages

Release Date: 03-20-12

Establishing different headers and footers for odd and even pages is often necessary for two-sided printing:

(1) Go to the Insert section of the Header&Footer tab and select the Header&Footer option to enter the editing menu.

(2) In the Header & Footer tab, select HeaderFooter Option, and open the Page Setup dialog box. Then select the Layout tab, shown as follows:

page setup layout

Figure 2.9—7 The Layout tab

(3) Select the Different odd and even check box from the Headers and Footers section.

Tips: If you want to create a different header and footer for the first page, select the Different first page check box.

(4) Click the OK button. The Header title in the header area will change to Odd Header, shown as follows:

create odd header

Figure 2.9—8 Create an odd header

(5) Enter the contents in odd page, and click Switch Between Header and Footer on the Navigation group, and move the insertion to the footer area, and then enter text in odd footer.

(1) Select the Next Header option from the Navigation section. The header will show Even Header, shown as follows:

create even header

Figure 2.9—9 Create an even header

(2) Enter the even header and enter the contents in the even footer.

(3) Click the Close option contained within the Navigation section to exit.