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Modify a Style

Release Date: 03-19-12

If you are not satisfied with the default style or the style you have customized, you are able to modify it by following these steps:

(1)  Under the Home tab, in the Style group, select the Old Tools option using the right mouse button. This will open the Style and Formatting task window.

(2) Select the style that you want to modify in the Click Formatting to Apply list, and then choose the Modify option in the pop-up menu by right-clicking:


Figure 1.4—4 The shortcut menu

(3) Open the Modify Style dialog box:

modify style

Figure 1.4—5 The Modify Style dialog box

(4) If you want to check and modify more options, select the Format option from the dialog box and modify any options you like.

(5) Click OK to close the dialog box.

Tip: If you modify the style using the Style and Formatting task window, all other documents in the same style of text will also be modified.