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Enclose Characters

Release Date: 03-18-12

To enclose a character:

(1) Select the character that you want to enclose.

  • For a Chinese character, full width symbol, number, or letter, you must only select one character at a time.
  • For a half width symbol, number, or letter, you can select at least two characters at a time.

(2) Under the Home tab, click Enclose Characters in the Font group. Open the Enclose Characters dialog box, as shown below:

enclose character

Figure 1.2—3 Enclose Characters

(3) Select the appropriate style and click the OK button. You can set enclose characters to characters.

For example, to modify the text "WPS®", the steps are as follows:

(1) First type "WPS". To insert the brand symbol, type "R" at the desired position, then from the Font option under the Home tab, click Enclose Characters. Choose the Shrink text option and click the OK button.

(2) Select the edited symbol ®.

(3) In the Font group, press the Font button in the bottom right hand corner. Open the Font tab in the Font dialog box.

(4) Select the Effect group and choose the Superscript check box.

(5) Click the OK button to finish the process.

You can also press the Superscript button in the Font group after highlighting the symbol.

 To insert the brand symbol, type "R" at the desired position, then from the Font option under the Home tabclick Enclose Characters. Choose the Shrink text option and click the OK button.