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Insert Bullet Points and Numbers

Release Date: 03-18-12

Kingsoft Writer comes with a vast array of bullet and numbering options which can be used to organize and present information clearly.

The steps needed to add bullet points and numbering to a document are as follows:

(1) Under the Home tab, in the Paragraph group, click the arrow next to the bullet point icon. This will open the bullet point menu shown below:

bullet point menu

Figure 1.3—1 The bullet point option menu

(2) You can choose one of the bullet point options from the list, or alternatively you can choose the Customize option. To do this, complete the previous step but select More Bullets... or More Numbering... This will open the Bullets and Numbering dialog box, and choose either the Bulleted or Numbered tab:

bullets numbered

Figure 1.3—2 The Bulleted or Numbered tab

(3) Select a bullet or number style.

(4) Press the Enter key. Kingsoft Writer will automatically insert the next bullet point or number.


To stop the automatic insertion of further bullets or numbers into a list you can either use the Backspace key to delete the last bullet or number in the list, or press Enter twice.