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Set or Change Tab Stops

Release Date: 03-18-12

Tab stop is a term describing the location where the cursor stops after the Tab key has been pressed. That is to say, when a tab stop is in place, you can immediately jump to another position on the page by pressing the Tab key. Additionally, you can use tab stops to align your text into columns quickly and easily.

There are two types of tab stop: the default tab stop, and the custom tab stop. The default tab stop from the ruler is automatically set to the left. The default spacing of two characters can be modified by the user. A custom tab stop is set up manually. After a custom tab stop has been established, all the custom tab stops to the left of the default tab stop are cleared. Users can use the horizontal ruler and the Tabs dialog box to set up tab stops.

Add Leader Tab Stops

You can use the tab stops with leader, the steps are as follows:

(1) Place the cursor on a blank line..

(2) In the Home tab, in the Paragraph section, click the Tabs icon. This should open the Tabs dialog box, shown below:


Figure 1.3—9 The Tabs dialog box

(3) Type a value in Tab stop position box and under the Leader tab, choose one option.

(4) Click the Set button, and then click OK.

(5) Enter a word at the beginning of the line, press the Tab key, move insertion point to where the tab had been set, and a leader will be appear to the left of the insertion point

Add Tab Stops

There is a Tab Marker button to the very left of the horizontal ruler. Clicking this button opens a drop-down menu that is shown below. It includes Left Tableft-tab, Center Tabcenter tab, Right Tabright tab and Decimal Tabdecimal tab.

the tab menu

Figure 1.3—10 The tab menu

(1) Click on the ruler where you want to set the tab stop, the ruler will appear on the appropriate type of tabs.

(2) By repeating the above steps, you can set different tab alignments.

(2) Press the Tab key, move the insertion point to where the tab stops are, then enter the text with this chosen alignment.

align text using tab

Figure 1.3—11 Align text using tab

Change Tab Stops

If you want to change the tab settings, press the Tabs button in the Paragraph group in the Tab Stops section, or double click the tab marker on the ruler. In the Tab Stops dialog box enter or select the value for the distance between stations tab in the Default Tab Stops spinner. Click the OK button to complete any changes.

Remove a Tab Stop

There are two ways to remove a tab stop.

  • Using the horizontal ruler.

Place the insertion point within the paragraph at the point you wish to remove the tabs, or select the tab stops you want to add text blocks on.

The ruler shows the tab stops of the current paragraph or text block.

Place the cursor on the tab stop symbol that you want to remove, drag it off the horizontal ruler, and release the mouse.

  • Using the dialog box.

(1) Make sure the insertion point is in the paragraph at the point you wish to remove the tabs.

(2) Select the Tabs option from the Paragraph section and open the Tab dialog box.

(3) Click the Clear button or Clear All.

(4) Click OK to complete.