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Add Bullet Points to Existing Text

Release Date: 03-18-12

In order to add bullet points to pre-existing text you need to:

(1) Select the appropriate passage.

(2) Click the bullet point icon next to the drop-down arrow in the Paragraph section of the Home tab
and choose the bullet point style that you like. If there are no suitable bullet styles, select Customize, and open the Bullets and numbering dialog box.

(3) The default option for bullet points in the menu is None and the Customize button in the bottom right is grey and unavailable. Change this by choosing any bullet point style and click the Customize button. This will open the Customize Bulleted/Numbering List dialog box, as shown below:

bullets and numbering

Figure 1.3—3 The Bullet and Numbering dialog box

(4) You can establish the relevant settings in the Customize Bulleted List dialog box. If you need a special symbol as a bullet then click the Character button, which opens the Symbol dialog box. From there you can select one of the special symbols.

(5) You can also also click the More button and set bullet position and text position. Click OK to add bullet points to your selected passage:

paragraphs with bullets

Figure 1.3—4 Paragraphs with bullet points