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Paste Text Smart Labels

Release Date: 03-18-12

Kingsoft Office provides paste formatting options, which allows you to paste the contents of the default format settings to facilitate operating. The method is as follows:

(1) Using the Application menu in the top left hand corner,, click the Options dialog box in the bottom right.

(2) In the Edit tab, in the Cut and Paste Options, you can choose default paste method in the Default Paste Format section. See below:

cut and paste options

Figure 1.2—4 The cut and Paste options

Kingsoft Writer offers three ways to paste formatting options; formatted text, matching the current format and unformatted text.

  • If you select Formatted Text, when you press the <Ctrl + V> key combination, by default, pasted content will maintain the source text's format.
  • If you select Match the Current Format, when you press the <Ctrl+V> key combination, by default, the pasted content will be in the format of the text at which the cursor is positioned.
  • If you select the PlainText, when you press the <Ctrl + V> key combination, by default, pasted content will be in Plain Text format.