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Move and Copy Text or Objects

Release Date: 03-16-12

After selecting the text or object, you can execute a multitude of different operations on the selected text that includes moving it, copying it, or highlighting it. You can implement these orders using the command order, shortcut key, or mouse.

How to move or copy text or objects:

(1) Select the text or object you want to move or copy.
Choose one of these commands based on your requirements:

If you want to move the text or object, click cut, and move the contents to the clipboard.

If you want to copy the text or object, click copy, and copy the contents to the clipboard.

(2) Move the insertion point to your desired location.
(3) Click paste.

This method is suitable for a long-distance (file to file) copy or move. For the short-distance alternative, you can use the mouse directly (this is perfect for moving and copying within the window).

To move text or objects using the mouse:

(1) Using the mouse, hold down the mouse button and highlight the text you want to move, shown as follows:

select text using mouse

1.2—1 Select text using the mouse

(2) While still holding the mouse button, move the selected content to your desired location and then release the mouse:

move text using mouse

1.2—2 Move text using the mouse

To copy text or an object using the mouse

To copy text or objects using the mouse employ the same method as before, press Ctrl before you release the mouse.