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Basic Operations of Kingsoft Writer

Release Date: 03-16-12

Kingsoft Writer 2012 emphasizes on the different development, in 2012 version, it completely adjusted technical line, and focus on compatibility. In the Kingsoft Writer module, we reserve the macro code, also can read and write with Microsoft each other; application of advanced technology against macro viruses, and it is compatible with Microsoft including all shapes and operating. At the same time, Kingsoft Writer 2012 also has lots of features, such as export to PDF file, enclose characters, mail merge, wordart, 3-D effects, etc., you can process text in the entertainment status, enjoy the funs that Kingsoft Writer brings.

The Basic Operations of Kingsoft Writer section includes 8 parts:

Begin Writing

Move and Copy Text or Objects

Delete Text or Objects

Undo and Redo

Select Text and Objects

Paste Text Smart Labels

Set White Text on a Blue Background

Automatic Capitalization at the Beginning of a Sentence