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Update ToC

Release Date: 03-20-12

Updating the ToC is very simple, go to the Table of Content section of the References tab, select the Update ToC option, or right-click and open the shortcut menu. Select Update Field and open the Update Table of Contents dialog box, shown as follows:

update table of contents

Figure 4.1—3 The Update Table Of Contents dialog box

  • If you select the Update page numbers only option, then only the numbers of the existing catalog will be updated, the table of contents will not increase or change.
  • If you select Update entire table, it will re-create and update the whole contents table.

Skill: If you want to copy the whole table of contents to another file, and then save or print alone, you must be disconnected link with the original text, otherwise, it will appear page number errors when you save and print the page. The specific method is that select the whole table of contents, and press <Ctrl+Shift+F9> key.

Delete a table of contents

To delete a table of contents, select the entire thing and press <Delete>.