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Insert a ToC

Release Date: 03-20-12

The steps to insert a table of contents are as follows

(1) Check the title in document, to ensure that they have a consistent heading style format. To apply a heading style (see the Style group in the Home Tab ), position the insertion point in the paragraph where the title, on the Style and Formatting task window, in the Click Formatting to apply drop-down list, select a heading style.

(2) Place the insertion point where you want to insert the table of contents, this is usually at the beginning of the document.

(3) In the Table of Contents section of the References tab, select the Insert ToC option, and open the Table of Content dialog box, shown as follows:

table of contents

Figure 4.1—1 The Table of Contents menu

  • Selecting the Show page numbers check box will display numbers beside each title.
  • Selecting the Right align page numbers check box will align the page numbers to the right.
  • Selecting the Use hyperlinks check box will make the table of contents automatically generate hyperlinks with the corresponding contents.

(4) In the Tab leader drop-down list, you can specify the distance of the break between the title and the page number.

(5) In the Show levels tuning box, you can specify the title level that shows in the table of contents (when you specify 1, only Heading style 1 shows in the directory. When you select 2, the styles of heading 1 and heading 2 will both appear in the directory).

(6) Click the OK button, the results are shown as follows:

table of contents inserted

Figure 4.1—2 An inserted contents table