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Kingsoft Office > User Manual > Writer > References Tab > Footnotes and Endnotes > Insert a Footnote or an Endnote

Insert a Footnote or an Endnote

Release Date: 03-20-12

The steps are as follows

(1) Place the insertion point where you want the footnote or endnote mark to be located.

(2) Go to the Footnotes section of the References tab, select the Insert Footnotes/Endnotes option to open the Footnote and Endnote dialog box, shown as follows:

footnote and endnote

Figure 4.2—1 The Footnote and Endnote dialog box

(3) If you want to insert a footnote, select the Footnotes option and select the location of the footnote as Bottom of page or Below text. If you want to insert an endnote, select the Endnotes option and choose the location of the endnote as End of document or End of Section.

(4) Go to the Number format drop-down list in the Format section and select a number format. Enter the starting number in the Start at box, and then select either Continuous or Restart each section from the Numbering drop-down list. You can also enter a symbol in the Custom mark, or click the Symbol button, and then select a special symbol from the Symbol dialog box.

(5) Click the Insert button, you can then enter the text into the footnote or endnote, shown as follows:

effect of footnote

Figure 4.2—2 The effect of footnotes