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Kingsoft Office > User Manual > Writer > Mailings Tab > Create Mail Merge

Create Mail Merge

Release Date: 03-20-12

This guide applies to Kingsoft Writer 2012. For Kingsoft Writer 2013, see Mail Merge in Kingsoft Office 2013.

To create a mail merge:

(1) Open or create the main document.

(2) Go to the Start Mail Margin section of the Mailings tab and select the Open Data Source option. Open the relevant data source, shown as follows:

select data source

Figure 5.1—1 Select from the Data Source dialog box

(3) Select the Insert Merge Fields option from the Write & Insert Fields section. This opens the Insert Merge Field dialog box:

insert merge field

Figure 5.1—2 The Insert Merge Field dialog box

(4) Choose the data field that you want to insert.

(5) Click the Insert button to complete the merge.

(6) Select the Mail Merge Recipients option from the Start Mail Margin section. In the opened dialog box, select the recipients, you are then free to send the merged mail.


  • You can check which kinds of files are accepted as the data source using the Open Data Source dialog box. Simply selecting the drop-down arrow of the Files of type box.
  • Kingsoft Writer turns the items in the data source to fields that it can identify.