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Insert, Play and Edit a Movie for a Slide

Release Date: 03-18-12

Unlike pictures and shapes, movies are linked to the presentation slides rather than embedded. This means a link to the location of the movie will be created when it is inserted on to the slide. Therefore, if the location of the movie is changed, the slide will not be able to find or play the movie. Moving or copying the movie file into the same folder as the presentation itself can avoid this problem.

A trigger effect will be added when inserting a movie. This effect allows the presenter to play and pause the movie with a click of the mouse button while the slide is being presented.

How to insert a movie for a slide?

The following steps will guide you in inserting a movie on to your slides:

(1) Select the slide that you want to insert a movie on to.

(2) On the Insert tab for the Media group,click Movie movie. An Insert Movie browsing box will appear as shown below. Select the movie you wish to insert and click Open.

insert movie

Figure 2.3—1 Insert Movie dialog box

(3) A dialog box pops up which offers two ways for you to start the movie, Automatically or When Click, as shown below.

start movie automatically

Figure 2.3—2 Prompt for how the movie will be played

How to play movie for a slide?

Right click the movie you have inserted and select Play Movie on the quick access menu.

How to edit movie for a slide?

Right click the movie, select Edit Movie Object on the shortcut menu and a Movie Options dialog box will appear as shown below:

movie options

Figure 2.3—3 Movie Options dialog box

  • Select Loop until stopped to play the movie in a continuous loop.
  • Click the Sound volume volume button and slide the bar to adjust the volume of the movie.
  • Select Zoom to full screen to play the movie in full screen.