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Types of Slide Layouts in Kingsoft Presentation

Release Date: 03-18-12

Kingsoft Presentation contains four different categories of slide layouts, which provide a total of 30 automatic slide layouts to choose from. There is an appropriate layout for every type of presentation.

1. Text layouts

There are 6 types of text layouts that define the arrangement of the text.

  • The Title Slide and Title Only layouts are used most often in introduction slides.
  • The Title and Text, Title and Vertical Text and Vertical Title Text layouts are the most commonly used layouts for slides.
  • The Title and 2-Column Text layouts are used to a create column effect.

A preview of the different text layouts is displayed in Figure 1.1-4.

text layout

Figure 1.1-4 Text Layouts

2. Content Layouts

Kingsoft Presentation provides seven different content layouts that determine the layout of pictures, tables, titles, graphs and other objects. You can use the Blank layout, which contains no placeholders for a more versatile design process. The Content and Title and Content layouts determine the layout of single objects, and the other layouts can control multiple objects, These layouts are shown in Figure 1.1-5.

content layout

Figure 1.1-5 Content Layouts

3. Text and Content Layouts

There are seven kinds of text and content layouts. You can use them to define the layout of a combination of text and objects, as shown below in Figure 1.1-6.

text and content layout

Figure1.1-6 Text and Content Layouts

4. Other Layouts

There are 10 types of other layouts that are not included in the three categories mentioned previously. These layouts can be used to arrange animations, sounds, charts, tables, art clips and other types of content. These layouts are displayed in the following figure:

other layout

Figure 1.1-7 Other Layouts